Using your brain properly improves just about any aspect of your life.  Over the years both my research and – if you’re honest with yourself – your own experience shows that we hardly ever use our brain in a productive, high efficiency and correct mode.

There are many reasons why we don’t.  And I’ll be glad to explain them to you, but it will take a bit more than just one webpage to list them all.

So how can we help you?

There are many ways you can use to improve your own ‘brain power’.  Even when this is – again – not the proper way to look at it.  Your IQ won’t rise, your basal EQ will not improve, your problem-solving abilities won’t improve, nor any other aspect of what we conventionally call ‘intelligence’.

However, some tried tests before and after a training or lecture and noticed a significant improvement, using the techniques we teach them.  Isn’t this a paradox?

Not really.  You were already able to score better on these silly tests.  The improved scores reflect not a growth in your abilities, but a significant improvement in the way you’re using these capabilities.  Your brain-effectiveness – fort lack of a better word – has improved.

That’s – in a nutshell – what we can do for you.

And more?

And yes, there’s more.  After a training, we ask people for feedback on several points.  This helps us improve our training methods and results.  Here’s the top five as ‘collateral benefits’ people report;

  1. More resilience against all kinds of stress or fear (87%)
  2. More focus and a big improvement on productivity (81%)
  3. Increased ability to distinguish between important and not important (79%)
  4. Noticing (much) more in the things we see/hear/experience and benefitting from that (78%)
  5. Almost always achieving set goals (and much faster than before) (72%)
  6. And the list goes on….

How can you improve your brainpower?

Via this website, we offer a range of possibilities.  Just click on the items to get more information.

  • Read the book; “Ars Cogitare” (The nobel art of thinking).  The book will be released in English around June 2019
  • Take the online course
  • Organize a lecture
  • Organize a training for your team/organization
  • Come up with another idea

Can we use your brainpower?

I often get the question to help, consult or take a temporary function within an organization to help them face certain challenges.  For all questions for temporary management, coaching, consulting, crisis management and more, please use my main website @