Find out more about the amazing abilities of our brain.  We offer two introductory seminars that will offer all participants immediate advantages and skills that they can use in their daily jobs.

Each seminar takes around 90 minutes to 120 minutes followed by an open discussion.  (Groups < 25 people usually take around 90 minutes, larger groups about 2 hours).  The seminars are available in English and/or Dutch.

Thinking better; getting smarter in one afternoon

It’s more than a well marketed title, it’s a reality.  Experience for yourselves how understanding what thinking is and how we – poorly – apply it, can help us improve on our way of living and working and give immediate results.  In this seminar you’ll get to know your brain and its limitations and unexpected possibilities.

With some small easy to do experiments and simple exercises, every participant can experience how she or he can improve their ‘smart’ in just one session.

The secrets of stress-free productivity

Stress is a fabrication of our brain.  It’s a coping mechanism that allowed us to survive the harsh environment we evolved in.  Our world today, however, looks nothing like the environment of our evolution, so if mistreated, our brain goes haywire and chronic stress appears and ruins careers and lives, ruins productivity and results.

Understanding the ‘how’ often leads to easy solutions.  In this seminar we’ll take a dive into the stress mechanisms of our brain.  This quest leads to many easy to use techniques to overcome stress, anxiety, timidity and all other relates issues that hold us back.

Interested?  Just fill out the form below.  Breware, this is NOT an order, just an inquiry.  We’ll get back to you with more information!

Prices of a seminar: € 750,00 ex VAT. for groups less than 25 particpants, € 895 ex VAT for groups more than 25 people.

We reserve 3 slots per day (morning, afternoon and evening)

Additional charges:

  • Travel (free in Flanders and Brussels, € 0,8/km outside Flanders and Brussels one-way only, open book + 10% foor travel by train or plane),
  • Overnight expences (€ 250) if applicable (more than 3 hours travel one-way)
  • € 15 per participant if workbook and prints have to be provided (optional, not necessary to have a great seminar)