Welcome to the wonderful world of our brain.

Just imagine, what would you be able to accomplish, if you where not hindered by fear, anxiety, uncertainty, false perception….  What could you do, if you would know what people you work with where thinking?  How would this impact negotiations, or the way we lead teams and organisations, and what would this do for your powers of persuasion?

We are convinced that using the right techniques, you can realize all of this.  Even more, we know this is possible.  We see it happen every day.  If applied with the right discipline, these techniques can positively impact your results beyond your wildest dreams.

Our main mission; to understand how we think and work and create cognitive technology’s that help us to improve your results.

CogTech® is the result of over 20 years of research and study by Peter Stinckens.  It focusses on research from domains like neurology, psychology, behavioral economics, evolutionary biology, sociology and many more.

The insights of all these disciplines and our own research provide a comprehensive system that allows you go way beyond what you think is possible.